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Universal car integration kit for iPod & iPhone


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The Dice Universal Car Kit for IPod and iPhone allows you to connect the iPod / iPhone to your factory car stereo. This kit comes with a FM-RDS wiring harness to provide an excellent sound quality without any static or other radio interference.

The DICE iPod Car Kit not only plays the music stored on your iPod / iPhone, it also displays track and artist information as an RDS message on your radio’s display! Typically used as an alternative to the DICE factory fit iPod adapter or as a cheaper option.
What is RDS?
Radio Data System, or RDS, is a standard from the European Broadcasting Union for sending small amounts of digital information using conventional FM radio broadcasts. The RDS system standardises several types of information transmitted, including time, track/artist info and station identification. Also known as RBDS in the U.S.
Most car radios have the ability to decode the RDS data stream and display it on the radio, check for the RDS logo on your car radio or consult your radio manual to see if this feature is supported. If you don’t have RDS support, don’t worry! The DICE Electronics FM iPod / iPhone Kit will work just fine, just won’t see text across your radio.
The DICE RDS FM iPod Adapter will also charge your iPod to ensure hours of uninterrupted listening and you control the music on your iPod / iPhone like you always do.
Finally a great sounding iPod / iPhone car integration kit for ALL cars that have an AM/FM coaxial aerial connection. The DICE RDS FM connects directly in-line with your aerial connection on the rear of your radio and when listening to your iPod / iPhone, the external aerial is bypassed to stop interference from local FM stations and to offer static-free FM modulation so you can listen to your songs recorded on your iPod / iPhone whenever and for as long as you wish in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle.

Wired FM Modulator with aerial loop-thru circuit
Compatible with all FM radios that have a standard aerial connection
FM radios with RDS will show text from iPod
Bypasses the external FM aerial input when iPod connected for cleaner signal
Controls & features from iPod are retained
Charges iPod / iPhone
Optional cradles available


Vehicle/Radio Compatibility:

The DICE Electronics RDS FM iPod Adapter Kit is compatible with ALL vehicles that have a standard AM/FM coaxial aerial connection on the rear of the radio.

iPod/iPhone Compatibility:

iPhone 1st Generation (2G)
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3Gs
iPod Touch (8GB & 16GB)
iPod Classic (80GB & 160GB)
iPod Video (30GB, 60GB & 80GB)
iPod Colour/Photo (20GB, 30GB, 40GB & 60GB)
iPod Click Wheel (20GB & 40GB)
iPod Dock Connector (10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 30GB & 40GB)
iPod Nano 3rd Generation (4GB & 8GB)
iPod Nano 2nd Generation (2GB, 4GB & 8GB)
iPod Nano 1st Generation (1GB, 2GB & 4GB)
iPod Mini 2nd Generation (4GB & 6GB)
iPod Mini 1st Generation (4GB)