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Handcrafted in Germany!

KUDAŽ mounts are very easy to install with no drilling of visible holes to the dashboard or damage to the car. The leather wrapped polyester shell is hollow and can easily be utilized to hide wires. Easy to mount, splinter free and safe for airbag deployment, KUDAŽ mounts have no sharp edges or metal pieces. KUDA is used to mount: iPhone, Garmin, iPod, Satellite radio, Cell phone, PDA, GPS and any other small consumer electronics.

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SUBARU LEGACY (99-04) black
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SUBARU LEGACY (99-04) black

SUBARU LEGACY (99-04) black Mount color: black Handcrafted, custom made real leather mount for iPhone, Android, cell phones, hands free car kits, iPods, PDA, GPS, XM satellite radio, . Brandnew, elegant, ergonomic and safe Do not compare with low cost metal dash mounts Quick and easy to combine with several Add-ons Download Installa... show more Details