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iPhone iPod - KUDA iMega cradle for the iPhone 4 & 4S

SKU iba-21127

$59.99 *

KUDA iMega cradle the ultimate Dock for the iPhone 4 &4S / iPod touch models

Drive Safe and Legal with the KUDA iMega cradle by keeping your phone charged and in a secure and easy to view position. By placing the KUDA iMega cradle onto a KUDA leather mount, signal is optimized for GPS and Cellular and allows easy access and viewing of the phone. Use with your preferred Bluetooth hands-free solution or as a speaker phone for a complete hands-free driving experience.

The KUDA iMega cradle is designed to work with all models iPhone and iPod Touch models. It has a mechanism to integrate your existing iPhone / iPod plug into the bottom of the cradle. Thanks to the adjustable aluminium latch it will work even when using a case, including the thicker Otterbox or Ballistic models. To insert, simply place the phone on the connector base and press the latch downward. To remove, press the release button on top right side.

The ROCK Solid cradle is designed for a vibration free driving experience. The included ball-joint connector allows the driver to adjust to almost any viewing angle.
(Landscape and portrait mode)

Keeps your device charged and in a secure and easy to view position
Stylish design & quality material – looks great in any car.

Compatible with most Apple approved car chargers, interface and AUX cables.

Works with all vehicles and iPhone/iPod Touch models (except iPhone 5) and most cases.