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iPhone 6 / 6S (NOT PLUS) Multi-Basys Charging Cradle/ will not work with a case


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The CarComm Multi-Basys is a Universal Vehicle Charging Platform for mobile devices.

The system exists out of two parts, the docking station and the model specific charging cradle. Whenever you upgrade to the new iPhone 7 (?) you will just need to purchase the docking station. Of course you can switch also switch to any other smart phone such as BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung or Motorola. We will soon add a new chapter for this Multy Basys system to our website and you can choose the correct docking station for most available smart phones. The unique feature of the CarComm Multi-Basys is that once installed, you can easily swap from device without installing a complete new cradle system. Just swap the model specific charging cradle for a cradle that is compatible with your new phone, slide it into the Docking Station and you are ready to go. The device cradle can simply be removed from the vehicle docking station and stored out of sight for theft prevention. Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt Integrated in the cradle is a high efficiency charger ( suitable for 12Volt and 24Volt ) to charge your mobile device. This ensures that your mobile device is charged at all times so you can use it in- and outside your vehicle . Antenna Coupler The device specific holder has an integrated antenna coupler which decreases GSM interference and improves signal reception when an external antenna is connected to the Docking Station. This cradle does not come with a suction cup window mount! Please select the correct KUDA mounting base for your car with the configurator on this website! The KUDA base is hollow inside to hide all wires and small electronics!